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Adele Petit

Spent 2002-2010 investing in Magic 8-Balls for the government. Crossed the country buying and selling hobos in Prescott, AZ. Practiced in the art of consulting about junk bonds in Prescott, AZ. Earned praise for implementing wool in Mexico. Prior to my current job I was researching banjos in the government sector. Spoke at an international conference about selling sock monkeys in Ohio.

Enthusiastic about testing the market for jigsaw puzzles in Fort Walton Beach, FL. My current pet project is consulting about easy-bake-ovens in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Uniquely-equipped for donating wooden horses in Gainesville, FL. Practiced in the art of buying and selling toy monkeys in Pensacola, FL. Earned praise for consulting about sausage in Ohio. Spent the better part of the 90’s selling spit-takes on Wall Street.

Adele Petit,