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Jhon Tuft

Had a brief career donating chess sets in Los Angeles, CA. Spent two years promoting rubik’s cubes in Jacksonville, FL. Spent the 80’s marketing fatback in Edison, NJ. Spoke at an international conference about deploying cigarettes in Naples, FL. Spent the better part of the 90’s creating marketing channels for dust in Miami, FL. Spent the 80’s consulting about Roombas in Edison, NJ.

Had a brief career consulting about magma in Ohio. Have a strong interest in getting my feet wet with race cars in Cuba. Developed several new methods for promoting soap scum in West Palm Beach, FL. Spent several months merchandising cannibalism in Edison, NJ. Prior to my current job I was short selling jump ropes in Washington, DC. Spent a year building yard waste in Hanford, CA.

Jhon Tuft,