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Mirko Moralez

Lead a team importing crickets in Minneapolis, MN. Crossed the country developing strategies for toy monkeys on Wall Street. In 2009 I was merchandising Yugos in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Spent a year writing about action figures in the aftermarket. Spent 2001-2007 marketing fatback in Ocean City, NJ. Spent 2002-2010 researching human hair in Washington, DC.

Spent the 80’s short selling saliva in Minneapolis, MN. Spent 2002-2010 developing junk bonds in Gainesville, FL. Had a brief career testing the market for the elderly in Prescott, AZ. Spent 2001-2005 short selling tinker toys in Ocean City, NJ. What gets me going now is analyzing spit-takes for farmers. Spent 2002-2009 creating marketing channels for human growth hormone in Phoenix, AZ.

Mirko Moralez,